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Article Ship - Intern Ship - Article-Ship - Pune
Article Ship / Intern Ship Positions Available Pune,
26 Sep 2017 more »
Digital Signature for Income Tax Return
Class 2 Digital Signature Certificate - for Income Tax Return - RoC, Class II DSC, Class 2 DSC, Class II DSC, Class 2 DSC, Class 3 Digital Signature Certificate - for e Tenders
26 Sep 2017 more »
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Sep 26, 2017 : Article Ship - Intern Ship - Article-Ship - Pune

    Article Ship Positions are currently available ...

    resume"s may be sent to : articles@nsh-ca.com

    N S Hapse & Co. - Chartered Accountants
    is not a specialised boutique Firm, and hence
    Article Ship / Intern Ship at our Firm will give you
    valuable experience in varied fields like :

   *   Concurrent Audits of Nationalized Banks
   *   Statutory Audits of Nationalized Banks
   *   Income Tax - Calculations, Returns and Tax Planning
   *   Tax Audit
   *   Audit of Companies  
   *   Internal Audit of Cooperative Bank
   *   Service Tax - Calculations and Filing of Returns
   *   Trust Taxation and Planning
   *   VAT Calculations and e-filing of VAT Returns
   *   VAT Audit
   *   TDS Calculations and e-filing of TDS Returns
   *   Project Reports & Project Financing
   *   Investment Advisory
   *   Financial Planning
   *   Accounts Writing / Tally and MIS Reporting
   *   Business Setup Services

   our sister concern
PROSPERiTREE is the Partner of Tax Smile.com
   for onling as well as offline filing of Income Tax Returns.

   our tie-up with
Tax Smile entails setting up
   Income Tax Return - Help Desks
   for the employees of companies like :

Mahindra Satyam
L&T Infotech

   this set up helps the employees
   in all these companies,
   as the Help Desks are within the campus
   and the employees dont have to go outside.

   complete help regarding filing of income tax returns
   is provided by our team to the employees.

   this unique work will give rich experience
   to students during their articleship,
   of working in great organizations and
   understanding the culture of big companies.

   our expectations from team members :

   *   enthusiasm and being self-starters with a keen desire to learn and grow
   *   proficiency in computers and good communication skills
   *   understanding that responsibility given is respect shown
   *   readiness for multi functional approach and execution
   *   personality of a team member, in spirit and letter


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