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Article Ship - Intern Ship - Article-Ship - Pune
Article Ship / Intern Ship Positions Available Pune,
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Digital Signature for Income Tax Return
Class 2 Digital Signature Certificate - for Income Tax Return - RoC, Class II DSC, Class 2 DSC, Class II DSC, Class 2 DSC, Class 3 Digital Signature Certificate - for e Tenders
26 Sep 2017 more »
About Us

established on 19-Aug-1989, N. S. HAPSE & Co. - Chartered Accountants
is a firm of Chartered Accountants,
offering a varied range of services and specialising in :
*   income tax advisory
*   income tax audit
*   VAT audit
*   bank concurrent audit
*   bank statutory audit
*   goods and services tax - GST
*   financial planning
*   business consultancy

*   company formation
*   corporate compliances

a team of high-calibre finance professionals ably serves our clients.

each member of our team of professionals and qualified administrative staff
is fully committed to providing our clients with accurate, thorough
and cost effective service and advice.

we pride ourselves on our complete knowledge
of the laws and regulations applicable
with respect to income tax and audit.

the firm assists many companies
and family-owned businesses
with accounts, audit and tax planning.

our clients, many of whom are
working professionals and businessmen,
rely on our holistic perspective.

we subscribe to the belief that the world of finance
does not recognise visionary boundaries.

what distinguishes N. S. HAPSE & Co.
is that it understands the detailed intricacies
by being a part of the business community.

emphasis on local knowledge and abilities,
has been and will continue to be
a critical component of N. S. HAPSE & Co. - Chartered Accountants.

the firm continues to build on the N. S. HAPSE & Co. - model
of providing comprehensive financial and tax advisory services
with the ability to becoming a friend of each client.

this gives N. S. HAPSE & Company,
a service level advantage
over other firms in the region,
that clients truly need and appreciate.