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Digital Signature for Income Tax Return
Class 2 Digital Signature Certificate - for Income Tax Return - RoC, Class II DSC, Class 2 DSC, Class II DSC, Class 2 DSC, Class 3 Digital Signature Certificate - for e Tenders
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    we carry out audits for small & medium sized entities
    and have over the years acquired an expertise
    in effectively executing special assignments.

    our audit and assurance services include :

*   Concurrent Audit

     presently we are the concurrent auditors
     for two Nationalized Banks in Pune
     and the scope of work is very exhaustive
     with complete checking of the banking transactions
     on a daily basis with monthly reporting.

*   Statutory Audit

     for many years we have been the Statutory Auditors
     for different Nationalized Banks in Pune.
     Statutory Audit entails a test check for the Branch
     after the end of the financial year and more importantly
     signing of the Balance Sheet of the Branch.

*   Tax Audit

     it is compulsory for :
     all businesses whose turn over exceeds Rs. 60 lakhs
     all professionals whose gross receipts exceed Rs. 15 lakhs
     to get their books of accounts
     audited by a Chartered Accountant.

*   VAT Audit

     VAT Audit is mandated by the MVAT Act.

*   Stock Audit

     we conduct Stock Audit for Banks and Companies
     to check and verify the physical quantiity
     and which also serves the purpose o
f Valuation.

*   Audit of Cooperative Society

     we conduct audits of various cooperatives
     including cooperative housing societies
     as per the Cooperative Societies Act, 1912