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Article Ship - Intern Ship - Article-Ship - Pune
Article Ship / Intern Ship Positions Available Pune,
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Digital Signature for Income Tax Return
Class 2 Digital Signature Certificate - for Income Tax Return - RoC, Class II DSC, Class 2 DSC, Class II DSC, Class 2 DSC, Class 3 Digital Signature Certificate - for e Tenders
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Amit N. Hapse

Amit N. Hapse

Amit is a graduate in Commerce as well as Law.
on his way towards the globally-recognized certification of
CFP ( Certified Financial Planner ),
Amit has already been certified as an Associate Financial Planner ( AFP )
by the
Financial Planning Standards Board of India ( FPSB ).

at N. S. Hapse & Co. - Chartered Accountants,
he handles audits, income tax and general administration.
Amit has more than 10 years of experience
in the fields of Finance, Tax and Investments.

an expert Financial Planner,
Amit Hapse excels in important aspects of Financial Planning
like Risk Planning, Retirement Planning and Wealth Management.

Amit is also the founder of PROSPERiTREE
an independent financial services organisation which offers
individuals, families, companies and trusts,
personalized assistance in pursuing their financial goals.

he has gained the trust and respect of our clients
with his in-depth knowledge and professional approach.

Amit Hapse"s unique personal touch goes beyond business
to establish with all our clients, an enduring friendship !